▪ industrial site, Israel
also spelled  Sodom,  

      industrial site in southeastern Israel, near the southern end of the Dead Sea. It is the site of the Dead Sea Works Ltd., an Israeli national company chartered by the Knesset (parliament) in 1961. The biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (q.v.) are believed to have been located in the vicinity; modern Sedom takes its name from the Hebrew form of the first of these.

      Sedom was established in 1937, when potash works were built there as a branch of the Palestine Potash Company at Kalīyā, at the northern end of the Dead Sea. There was no road connection to Sedom; communication was by small boats on the Dead Sea. Early in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948–49, isolated Kalīyā fell to Transjordan's Arab Legion, and Sedom was cut off from Israel. It was supplied by air for more than six months, after which a relief column of the Israel Defense Forces reached it overland from Beersheba through the Negev. Early in 1952 the all-weather road from Beersheba to Sedom was completed, and in 1954 the Dead Sea Works there resumed operation.

      Much of the shallow southwestern corner of the Dead Sea has been enclosed by a dike; from there, the waters are pumped into evaporating pans. The residue, after solar evaporation, is an impure form of the mineral carnallite. It is refined at the site to produce 97 percent pure potassium chloride (potash muriate). Further processing of the carnallite produces bromine and ethylene bromide. The operations at Sedom are one of the few sources of potash fertilizer in all Asia and Africa. Because of high humidity and summer temperatures (August average 94° F [34° C]), the workers do not live at the site year-round but commute from ʿArad (Aradʿ) and Dimona.

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