Rohilla War

Rohilla War

▪ Indian history
      (1774), in the history of India, the conflict in which Warren Hastings (Hastings, Warren), British governor-general of Bengal, helped the Nawab of Oudh defeat the Rohillas by lending a brigade of the East India Company's troops. This action later formed a preliminary charge in a parliamentary impeachment of Hastings, but Parliament vindicated him.

      The Rohillas were Afghans who had entered India in the 18th century during the decline of the Mughal Empire and had gained control of Rohilkhand (formerly Katehr). When threatened by the Marāthās they sought help from Oudh (Ayodhya), but they failed afterward to pay stipulated sums. Hastings supported Oudh in crushing the Rohillas in order to strengthen Oudh as a buffer between the company and the Marāthās. Hastings' critics charged him with letting out troops on hire and condoning atrocities.

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