Río Salado, Battle of

Río Salado, Battle of

▪ Spanish history
      (October 30, 1340), battle fought by the allied Castilian and Portuguese Christian forces against the Muslim Marīnids (Marīnid dynasty) of North Africa in a final attempt by the latter to invade the Iberian Peninsula. The battle, which interrupted a series of disputes between the Castilian and Portuguese over throne and territorial rights, represented the final alliance of the two to repulse the Moorish invaders.

      The Marīnids had gathered a vast army and destroyed the Castilian fleet in the Strait of Gibraltar. They proceeded inland to the Salado River near Sevilla (Seville), where they met the allies, led by Alfonso XI of Castile and Afonso IV of Portugal. The Marīnids experienced a disastrous defeat and retreated to Africa.

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