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      one of two major Zen Buddhist sects in Japan; it stresses the abrupt awakening of transcendental wisdom, or enlightenment. Among the methods it practices are shouts (katsu) or blows delivered by the master on the disciple, question-and-answer sessions (mondo), and meditation on paradoxical statements (koan), all intended to accelerate a breakthrough of the normal boundaries of consciousness and to awaken insight that transcends logical distinctions.

      The sect is traced back to China, where it is known as Lin-chi, in the 9th century by I-hsüan and was transmitted to Japan in 1191 by the priest Eisai. It became important culturally as well as religiously during the Kamakura period (1192–1333) under the patronage of lords and warriors and remained influential during the Ashikaga period (1338–1573). The celebrated master Hakuin was a major reformer of Rinzai during the 18th century.

      Modern Rinzai is divided into 15 subsects. Among its great temples are the Tenryu and the Myōshin temples in Kyōto and the Kenchō and the Engaku temples in Kamakura. See also Sōtō.

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