▪ Macedonian general and regent

born c. 365 BC
died 321

      general under Alexander the Great who became regent of the Macedonian empire after Alexander's death (323).

      Perdiccas served with distinction in Alexander's campaigns and, upon Alexander's death, led the aristocratic party that supported the claim of the unborn child of Roxana, Alexander's widow, to the succession. After a compromise under which a division of the powers of regency was arranged, Perdiccas exercised a wide authority in Asia as “supreme general” and soon began to act as if he meant to make himself king. This move was resisted by the regional governors, Ptolemy in Egypt, Antigonus (Antigonus I Monophthalmus) in Phrygia, and by Perdiccas' colleagues in the regency, Craterus and Antipater.

      In 322 Perdiccas conquered Cappadocia and installed as satrap (provincial governor) his most reliable and efficient subordinate, Eumenes of Cardia. Antigonus fled to Europe, where he persuaded Antipater and Craterus that Perdiccas must be destroyed. Leaving Eumenes to hold Asia Minor against Craterus and Antigonus, Perdiccas marched against Ptolemy, but when he failed to cross the Nile he was murdered by mutinous officers.

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