▪ Siamese religious leader and author
also called  Paramanujita Jinorasa  
born 1791
died Dec. 9, 1852

      prince-patriarch of the Siamese Buddhist church who was a prolific writer on patriotic and moralistic themes in verse and prose. He became abbot of Watphra Jetubon and was later created krom somdec-phra Paramanujit, prince-patriarch of the church.

      Paramanuchit's masterpiece is the Taleng Phai (“The Defeat of the Mons”), the heroic epic of the struggle of King Naresvara of Ayutthaya to liberate his country from Myanmar (Burmese) rule and of his famous single combat with the crown prince of Myanmar in 1590. His concluding section of the Samuddhaghosa, a folktale adapted from a collection called the Paññāsajātaka, which had been left unfinished since the 18th century, is distinguished for the beauty of its descriptive passages. His prose is equally valued for its eloquence and descriptive power. He also contributed to the collection of literary inscriptions on stone at Watphra Jetubon under the patronage of King Rama III, by writing classic models of Siamese poetry that still remain.

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