Orgueil meteorite

Orgueil meteorite

       meteorite that fell on the village of Orgueil, near Toulouse, France, in May 1864 and that is often used to infer the relative proportions of elements in the solar system (cosmic abundances). It is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite, a type that comprises the most primitive meteorites—ones having a chemical composition much like that of the Sun and thus of the solid material that formed at the birth of the solar system.

      About 20 fragments of the Orgueil meteorite were recovered. Their analysis soon after the fall revealed the presence of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen and that its substance resembled peat and coal. Subsequent examination showed that hydrocarbons were present. The meteorite was once at the centre of a dispute about extraterrestrial life, prompted by similarities between its organic matter and hydrocarbons of biological origin on Earth. Determination of the optical properties of the organic material, however, indicated that its origin was not associated with biological processes. Later, small objects found in the meteorite were suggested to be the decayed or fossilized remains of organisms. These were later shown to be pollen and starch grains resulting from terrestrial contamination.

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