Olaf Guthfrithson

Olaf Guthfrithson

▪ king of Northumbria and Dublin
also called  Olaf Godfreyson, Olaf  also spelled  Anlaf 
died 941, Tyningham, Scot.

      king of Northumbria and of Dublin. Olaf was the son of Guthfrith (or Godfrey), king of Dublin. He is often confused with Olaf Sihtricson.

      Olaf Guthfrithson became king of Dublin in 934 and was in England in 937, where he took part in the Battle of Brunanburh against Aethelstan. After this event he returned to Ireland, but he appears to have acted for a very short time as joint king of Northumbria with Olaf Sihtricson. It is possible that he was the “Olaf of Ireland” who was recalled to England by the Northumbrians after Aethelstan's death, but both the Olafs appear to have accepted the invitation. He was killed at Tyningham near Dunbar.

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