▪ king of Siam
also called  Phra Naret  
born 1555, Phitsanulok, Siam [now Thailand]
died April 25, 1605, on the Salween River

      king of Siam (1590–1605), regarded as a national hero by the Thai people for having liberated the country from the Myanmar (Burmese).

      In 1569 the Myanmar king Bayinnaung (reigned 1551–81) conquered Siam and placed Naresuan's father, Maha Thammaracha, on the throne as his vassal. The capital, Ayutthaya, was pillaged, thousands of Siamese were deported to Myanmar (Burma) as slaves, and Siam then suffered numerous invasions from Cambodia. At the age of 16 Naresuan was also made a vassal of Myanmar and appointed governor of the northern province of Phitsanulok. After campaigning with the Myanmar armies in the Shan states, he renounced his allegiance to Myanmar in 1584. In a series of brilliant military operations, he defeated three Myanmar armies that had invaded Siam, frustrated repeated attempts of the Myanmar to capture the capital, and simultaneously defeated Cambodian invasions. Becoming king on the death of his father in 1590, Naresuan then took the initiative: he captured the Cambodian capital of Lovek, made Cambodia a vassal of Siam, and established suzerainty over the northern kingdom of Chiang Mai. When the Myanmar sent a huge army to curb his ambitions, Naresuan defeated and killed the Myanmar crown prince in personal combat early in 1593. Thereafter, Myanmar ceased to be a threat to Siam when civil wars broke out among contenders for the Myanmar throne, and Naresuan was able to seize the Myanmar peninsular provinces of Tavoy and Tenasserim, giving Siam a commercial outlet on the Indian Ocean.

      In addition to winning a Siamese independence that was to endure almost two centuries, Naresuan laid the foundation for the military power and stability that enabled the kingdom to expand and prosper in the 17th century. He died on a military campaign in the Shan states in 1605 and was succeeded by his brother Ekathotsarot.

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