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      persistent pain in the metatarsal region, or ball, of the foot. The condition arises when the weight of the body, while standing, is forced to rest on the centre of the anterior arch (on the heads of the central metatarsal bones) instead of on the inside and outside of the foot. The most common cause of metatarsalgia is the wearing of improper footwear. Among women this may be high-heeled shoes that compress the toes; among people of both sexes who are active in high-impact sports such as running, it may be athletic shoes with worn-out or poorly designed soles. Other factors that can add to stress on the metatarsals are excess weight, an unusually high arch of the foot, hammertoe, bunions (bunion), and age. Among middle-aged people the pain of metatarsalgia may be aggravated by Morton toe, a condition caused by enlargement of the digital nerve as it passes between the metatarsal heads to the toes.

      As the name of the condition implies, the main symptom of metatarsalgia is constant pain in the ball of the foot, particularly behind the first, second, or third toe. Pain usually is less severe when the affected individual is at rest or barefoot. Treatment usually does not go beyond the use of better-designed footwear or shoe inserts, the taking of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, and periods of rest and icing alternating with rehabilitative stretching and exercising. For severe and persistent cases, surgical realignment of the metatarsal bones or excision of the enlarged nerve may have to be considered.

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