Margarita Island

Margarita Island

Spanish  Isla de Margarita  

      island in the Caribbean Sea, 12 mi (19 km) north of the Península de Araya in northeastern Venezuela. Also known as the Isle of Pearls, Margarita is the largest of 70 islands comprising Nueva Esparta estado (state). In reality two islands joined by a low, narrow isthmus, Margarita is about 40 mi (65 km) long, covers an area of 414 sq mi (1,072 sq km), and has a coastline of 198 mi, with many natural harbours. The island is generally low, but the highest elevation, in the Cerros (mountains) del Macanao, reaches 2,493 ft (760 m).

      Isla de Margarita was discovered by Columbus in 1498 and quickly became known for its pearls. Through the centuries, settlements on the island were besieged by Indians (in reprisal for slave raids on the mainland) and by British pirates and Dutch forces. Its traders rendered invaluable assistance to the revolutionists in the struggle for independence from Spain. Simón Bolívar used the island as a base of operations in 1816, and the Spanish general Pablo Morillo was driven from its shores in 1817.

      Until the early 20th century, the population of Margarita was predominantly indigenous, with some Spanish ancestry traceable mainly to the Canary Islands. Since 1920 the island has attracted immigrants from abroad, but at the same time many islanders have migrated to the mainland in search of more favourable employment. Farming and grazing are carried on, but the island is a net importer of foodstuffs. The pearl industry is still important; fishing, the building of fishing boats, tourism (especially since World War II), and the manufacture of tile, ceramics, shoes, hats, and salt are additional sources of income. Although the capital is La Asunción (Asunción, La), the most important city is Porlamar, which is the centre of the pearl industry and has an airport. A major boom in construction, tourism, and commerce has occurred since Porlamar was declared a duty-free port in the 1970s. The island's largest port is at Pampatar.

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