Mälar, Lake

Mälar, Lake

Swedish  Mälaren, 

      lake in eastern Sweden, located just west of Stockholm, which lies at the lake's junction with Salt Bay, an arm of the Baltic Sea. At one time Lake Mälar was a bay of the Baltic, and seagoing vessels using it were able to sail far into the interior of Sweden. Because of movements of the Earth's crust, however, the rock barrier at the mouth of the bay had become so shallow by about 1200 that ships had to unload near the entrance, and the bay became a lake.

      With an area of 440 square miles (1,140 square km) and extending about 75 miles (120 km) across Sweden, it is the country's third largest lake. Together with Lake Hjalmar, it drains an area of 8,160 square miles (21,130 square km). Normally its surface is only 1 foot (0.3 metre) above sea level, and its outflow is sometimes reversed. Navigable channels connect it with Lake Hjalmar to the southwest, while the Södertälje Canal and two channels at Stockholm connect it with the Baltic to the east.

      Its more than 1,200 islands, with a total area of 189 square miles (489 square km), and its deeply indented, wooded shoreline have made the lake area a popular residential and resort region. There are many towns in addition to Stockholm along its shores, a number of them of historical interest. Near Mariefred is the castle of Gripsholm, begun in 1537 by Gustav I Vasa and known today for its portrait collection. In the episcopal palace at Strängnäs, Gustav I Vasa was elected king of Sweden in 1523. The island of Drottningholm (Queen's Island) has a 17th-century palace that is a royal summer residence with a fine park and formal gardens. The château of Skokloster, south of Uppsala, on the northern arm of Lake Mälar, has a remarkable collection of trophies, including an armoury, from the Thirty Years' War (1618–48).

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