people living mainly in northwestern Uganda and the adjoining area of Congo (Kinshasa). They speak a Central Sudanic language (Central Sudanic languages) of the Nilo-Saharan language family.

      They are settled agriculturists, subsisting primarily by shifting hoe cultivation. Millet is the traditional staple; much cassava and tobacco are also grown. Many Lugbara migrants work as sharecroppers for Ganda (Baganda) landowners in southern Uganda.

      Marriage entails a substantial bride-price in livestock or iron implements. Polygyny is the rule. The Lugbara lack centralized political authority, and what formal authority exists is exercised by rainmakers and the heads of large family groups. Government-appointed chiefs are set over large areas. The majority of Lugbara still practice ancestor worship; they believe in a creator god, Adroa. They are one of the peoples least affected by modern changes in Uganda, maintaining a strong sense of their own identity.

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