Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

▪ fictional character
      cartoon character, an evil genius of the fictional city of Metropolis, who is a scientist and business mogul and the archnemesis of Superman.

      Since his first appearance in DC Comics' Action Comics, no. 23 (1940), Luthor has been singularly obsessed with Superman, and his quest to destroy the world's first superhero has been relentless. In the 1960s it was revealed that his hatred was rooted in a childhood accident caused by the young Superman (then Superboy), which made Luthor go prematurely bald. From that period through the 1980s he was presented as a mad scientist bent on conquering the world. His schemes included engineering wars and creating earthquakes. Luthor was reimagined in the late 1980s by writer John Byrne and editor Marv Wolfman as a captain of industry who develops a mounting resentment against Superman, the one person on Earth who always outshines him in the public's eyes.

      Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joseph Shuster introduced Luthor into an already swelling rogue's gallery, but he ultimately eclipsed all the comic's other villains. He is Superman's greatest foe because he relies not on cosmic powers but on the power of his own mind. When it comes down to a battle of wits, Luthor has the advantage over Superman.

      Lex Luthor has appeared in almost all his archfoe's television and film vehicles. Among the most memorable actors to portray him were Gene Hackman (Hackman, Gene) in the 1978 motion picture Superman and its three sequels (1980, 1987, 2006) and Kevin Spacey (Spacey, Kevin) in Superman Returns (2006).

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