also called  Lama  or  Namba 

      a Bantu-speaking people living in the Kéran River valley and Togo Mountains of northeastern Togo and adjacent areas of Benin. The Lamba, like the neighbouring and related Kabre, claim descent from autochthonous Lama; megaliths and ancient pottery attest to their long presence in the area.

      Although by their name the Lamba are “people of the forest,” they have cleared their lands of all but an occasional baobab, mango, shea tree, or oil palm. Fields are not allowed to lie fallow but are maintained by the use of ash and manure and by the alternation of corn (maize), sorghum, millet, and taro with legumes for nitrogen replenishment.

      Lamba attend their own small markets or larger ones in towns in or adjacent to their lands (such as Niamtougou, or Lama-Kara). Weaving, basketry, pottery, and blacksmithing are well developed, and some crafts are exported. Many Lamba have participated in the rapid urbanization of Lama-Kara, Togo, in recent decades; others migrate southward toward Lomé or westward into Benin seeking land or work.

      The Lamba live in homesteads separated from others by fields; descent is patrilineal. Before colonial rule there were no authorities other than ritual headmen in each family group, although loose neighbourhood groups (tegu) might join for defense or attack. Age-sets reinforce the egalitarian nature of Lamba society. Lamba (and the neighbouring Kabre) are known in Togo for wrestling matches held among boys of the first age-set. A hierarchy of chiefs that was introduced by German colonizers and further developed by French colonial administrators integrates Lamba communities into the Togolese national government.

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