Kondílis, Geórgios

Kondílis, Geórgios

▪ Greek general
born 1879, Proussós, Greece
died Jan. 31, 1936, Athens

      Greek general, one of a number of army officers who repeatedly intervened in, and disrupted the course of, parliamentary politics in Greece. Although a supporter of the republic when it was proclaimed in 1924, Kondílis was largely instrumental in securing the restoration of King George II in 1935.

      Joining the army in 1896 as a private, Kondílis fought in the Cretan insurrection against Turkish rule the following year and was an officer in the Balkan Wars of 1912–13 and World War I. Promoted to general in 1922, he suppressed the royalist revolt of October 1923 and, after King George left the country in December, quit the army and entered politics, forming his own party, the National Republicans. In August 1926 he overthrew the military dictator Theodoros Pangalos (Pangalos, Theodoros) in a bloodless coup d'état and, as prime minister, supervised the elections held in November; refusing to establish himself in place of Pangalos as military dictator, he retired from politics the following month.

      Although until then largely identified with the liberals led by Eleuthérios Venizélos (Venizélos, Eleuthérios), Kondílis next gained political prominence as a supporter of the conservative Populist Party, serving as minister of war in a Populist government and suppressing a coup d'état initiated at Salonika by Venizélos in March 1935. Kondílis was then the most powerful man in Greece, proceeding both to purge the army and civil service of persons with republican sympathies and to condemn Venizélos in absentia to death. A plebiscite organized by Kondílis in November 1935 showed that some 97 percent of the people wanted the king's return, though the figures were most likely manipulated by army officers. George II returned on November 25, with Kondílis as prime minister. When, however, he opposed an amnesty for political opponents that was favoured by the king, Kondílis was forced to resign.

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