Khoekhoe languages

Khoekhoe languages
Khoekhoe also spelled  Khoikhoi , formerly called  Hottentot languages 
    a subgroup of the Khoe language family, one of three branches of the Southern African Khoisan languages. Two main varieties have been distinguished: the first includes the extinct South African languages !Ora and Gri (click here—> for an audio clip of !Ora) and the dialects that were spoken along the southern Cape coast; the second type is Nama, also known as Nama/Damara and Khoekhoegowap, with about 120,000 speakers mostly in Namibia (click here—> for an audio clip of Nama). A few Nama speakers are found in Botswana, and there is another small pocket in the Richtersveld in South Africa. The abandoned term Hottentot has been applied to the Cape Khoekhoe. Through differences in vocabulary and details of grammatical structure, the Khoekhoe languages reveal a considerable period of independent linguistic development in the Khoe group, but they share certain phonetic features with all the Southern African Khoisan languages. These involve the use of four core clicks, with certain common accompanying articulations, and the rules governing the phonetic shape of words, where clicks are restricted to being the first consonant only.

      Speakers of Khoekhoe languages have had a long history of contact with European colonists and Bantu (Bantu languages) speakers. In the southeastern Cape this contact gave rise to a profound linguistic influence on the sound structure and vocabulary of the Xhosa language before most of the Khoekhoe languages died; farther west the Khoekhoe languages disappeared very rapidly, leaving their mark in place-names and in the shaping of vernacular Afrikaans (Afrikaans language), the language to which the Khoekhoe speakers shifted. !Ora and Gri survived to the first half of the 20th century.

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