Jayewardene, J.R.

Jayewardene, J.R.

▪ president of Sri Lanka
in full  Junius Richard Jayewardene, Jayewardene  also spelled  Jayawardene 
born Sept. 17, 1906, Colombo, Ceylon [now Sri Lanka]
died Nov. 1, 1996, Colombo, Sri Lanka

      lawyer and public official who served as president of Sri Lanka from 1978 to 1989.

      The son of a Supreme Court judge, Jayewardene graduated from Ceylon Law College in Colombo in 1932 and practiced as a barrister until 1943. He joined the Ceylon National Congress party and in 1943 won election to the State Council. In 1948, when Ceylon won independence from British rule, Jayewardene became minister of finance in the postindependence government formed by the moderate United National Party (UNP). He became the party's second-ranking leader under D.S. Senanayake and then under his son, Dudley Senanayake, and held such high posts as minister of finance (1948–53, 1960), minister of food and agriculture (1953–56), and minister of state (1965–70). Upon the death of the younger Senanayake in 1973, Jayewardene became the leader of the UNP and in 1977 led his party to a sweeping victory at the polls.

      As prime minister, Jayewardene amended the constitution to give Sri Lanka an executive (rather than a ceremonial) presidency, and he took office as the first elected president in 1978. As president he reversed the country's drift into socialism by drastically cutting the government bureaucracy and revitalizing the private sector by such means as the establishment of a free-trade zone north of Colombo. He was reelected to a second six-year term as president in 1982.

      Jayewardene had meanwhile failed to pay sufficient attention to the long-simmering hostility between Sri Lanka's Sinhalese Buddhist majority and its Hindu Tamil minority. In the early 1980s several Tamil groups began a guerrilla insurgency in support of their demands for a separate Tamil state. Jayewardene opposed Tamil separatism and used both military force and negotiations in unsuccessful efforts to end the insurgency. He retired in 1989 after his second term as president.

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