Hofbauer, Saint Clement Mary

Hofbauer, Saint Clement Mary

▪ German saint
original name John Hofbauer
born Dec. 26, 1751, Tasswitz, Moravia [now in Czech Republic]
died March 15, 1820, Vienna, Austria; canonized May 20, 1909; feast day March 15

      patron saint of Vienna.

      The son of a butcher, Hofbauer worked as a butcher until 1780. Educated at Vienna University and ordained in 1785, he was authorized to establish Redemptorist monasteries in northern Europe. In 1788 he took up residence in Warsaw, where he worked for 20 years, establishing Redemptorist houses in Switzerland and southern Germany. In 1808, after Napoleon ordered the Redemptorist community at Warsaw disbanded and its members exiled, Hofbauer spent the remainder of his life in Vienna. There he established a monastery and continued to seek government approbation for Redemptorist houses, which was granted shortly after his death. He was named patron saint of Vienna by Pope St. Pius X in 1914.

Additional Reading
John Hofer, St. Clement Maria Hofbauer (1926).

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