Harris, Renatus

Harris, Renatus

▪ European organ maker
also called René Harris
born c. 1652, , France
died , August or September 1724, Bristol?, Eng.

      English organ builder whose fine instruments were highly regarded by his contemporaries. Harris was the son and grandson of organ builders; his maternal grandfather was Thomas Dallam (c. 1575–c. 1630), three of whose sons also became well-known builders. Renatus' father, Thomas, worked in France during the period when organ building was discouraged in England by the Commonwealth. The family returned to England in 1660, and Renatus worked with his father for some time afterward. Independently, Renatus built about 39 organs, including a number for colleges and large cathedrals. His instruments were mechanically superior to those of his bitter rival, Bernard Smith (Smith, Bernard). His pipes and voicing were considered to be surpassed by the best of Smith's; Harris' reed pipes, however, were justly famous and perhaps better than Smith's. Some Harris pipework is extant. His sons became active builders, and a daughter married into the Byfield family, organ builders into the 19th century.

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