Gümüşpala, Ragıp

Gümüşpala, Ragıp

▪ Turkish general
born 1897, Edirne, Tur.
died June 6, 1964, Istanbul

      Turkish general and founder of the Justice Party (JP).

      A career army officer, Gümüşpala served as the chief of the General Staff after the military coup of May 27, 1960, but was forcibly retired by the new government shortly thereafter. In February 1961 Gümüşpala formed the JP in opposition to the ruling Republican People's Party (RPP). The JP, in actuality, proved to be an offshoot of the outlawed Democrat Party of Adnan Menderes (Menderes, Adnan) (q.v.). Gümüşpala led the JP to near victory in the 1961 elections, forcing the RPP to form a coalition government. In 1962 his campaign for amnesty for the imprisoned leaders of the late Menderes' former government led to the fall of the RPP-JP government.

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