also spelled  Guan,  also called  Gonja  or  Ngbanya 

      a people of northern Ghana who speak a variety of Kwa (Kwa languages) languages of the Niger-Congo language family. They are descendants of a trading nation (usually called Gonja) founded in the 16th century, and they now constitute a chiefdom in the Northern region of Ghana, in the area above the confluence of the Black and White Volta rivers.

      The Gonja state was founded between 1550 and 1575 by the Malinke cavalrymen of Askia Dawūd, emperor of Songhai from 1549 to 1582. In the 17th century a Mande chief called Jakpa (Jakpa, Sumalia Ndewura) established a ruling dynasty and expanded the state's territory. Gonja was incorporated into the Asante empire during the 18th century.

      The contemporary Guang chiefdom is composed of rulers and people who differ from one another culturally and linguistically. The ruling dynasty claims descent from the Mande invaders, who were accompanied by Muslims of Mande origin, commoners, and slaves. The commoners today include indigenous peoples, descendants of the followers of the invaders, refugees, and recent immigrant farmers. They speak various Tano languages; the rulers and Muslims speak Gbanyito, a Guang language.

      Most Guang occupy small, compact villages of up to 300 persons. Some larger towns, such as Salaga, were formerly important trade centres. The Guang practice shifting cultivation, the major crops being yams, cassava, millet, sorghum, and corn (maize).

      There is a single, ruling descent group. The territorial divisions are ruled by chiefs, who claim descent in the male line from Jakpa. Each divisional chief is selected in rotation from among two or three local segments of the ruling group. The paramount chief, the yagbumwura, is also selected in rotation from the chiefs of the five eligible divisions.

      Major state ceremonies are generally Muslim. Most Muslim priests attached to the main divisions are traditionally associated with the rulers.

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