Government, Instrument of

Government, Instrument of

England [1653]
      the document that established the English Protectorate and under which Great Britain was governed from December 1653 to May 1657. The first detailed written constitution adopted by a modern state, the Instrument attempted to provide a legal basis for government after the parliamentary failures in the wake of the English Civil Wars. In effect, it legitimized the power of Oliver Cromwell (Cromwell, Oliver) and his generals.

      Consisting of 42 articles drafted by Major General John Lambert, the Instrument was accepted by Cromwell on Dec. 16, 1653. Executive authority was vested in a “lord protector of the Commonwealth” and a state council of up to 21 members, 15 of whom were named in the Instrument itself. The protector and the council were appointed for life; the protectorate was not hereditary. Cromwell and the council were given authority to pass edicts in the absence of Parliament and provided with a fixed income for state expenses, together with an additional sum sufficient to maintain the navy and an army of 30,000. Additional levies required Parliament's (Parliament) consent.

      The Instrument created a single-chamber Parliament whose members were returned from districts reformed in favour of the gentry. Parliament was to meet first in September 1654 and every three years thereafter, except in the case of war. Roman Catholics and those implicated in the Irish rebellion were permanently disenfranchised. Religious toleration was denied to Roman Catholics and upholders of episcopacy.

      The Instrument proved unsatisfactory to both radicals and Royalists, and Parliament refused to accept it as the basis of its authority. In May 1657 the second Protectorate Parliament replaced the Instrument with a modified version called the Humble Petition and Advice; but this new constitution scarcely outlived Cromwell, who died the following year.

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