Freyberg, Bernard Cyril Freyberg, 1st Baron

Freyberg, Bernard Cyril Freyberg, 1st Baron

▪ governor general of New Zealand
also called  (1942–51) Sir Bernard Cyril Freyberg 
born March 21, 1889, Richmond, Surrey, Eng.
died July 4, 1963, Windsor, Berkshire

      commander in chief of the New Zealand forces in World War II and governor-general of New Zealand from 1946 to 1952.

      In 1891 Freyberg immigrated with his parents to New Zealand and was educated at Wellington College. He soldiered in the territorial army in New Zealand in 1911–12, and early in World War I he took part in the retreat from Antwerp and in the operations in Gallipoli. Later, in France, he fought in many of the fiercest battles and was awarded the Victoria Cross in December 1917. He was promoted to brigadier general at 27, then the youngest of that rank in the British army. He commanded the 29th Division in 1917–18. Freyberg was nine times wounded, and his bravery became legendary.

      Between the wars he held senior staff appointments and a command in England. In World War II, as major general, he commanded the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (1939–45) and commanded the Allied forces during the battle for control of Crete in 1941. In fighting near Minqār Qaʿīm, in Egypt, in June 1942, Freyberg was wounded, but he recovered in time to lead the breakout at the Second Battle of El Alamein. An extremely competent commander, Freyberg later fought in North Africa and in Italy under generals Montgomery, Alexander, and the American Mark Clark. In 1942 he received a knighthood. Freyberg in 1946 became governor-general of New Zealand, an appointment he held for six years. In 1951 he was created a baron.

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