type of Chinese bronze vessel in the form of a small hut or granary. Square or rectangular in section, its sides slope outward from a low base to a cover in the shape of a hipped roof. The fangyi was produced during the Shang (Shang dynasty) and early Zhou (Zhou dynasty) dynasties (c. 18th century BC–c. 900 BC).

      Fangyi of the Shang dynasty were made generally with straight bodies, while those produced during the early Zhou dynasty bulge at the sides, and those from the mid-Zhou have handles in the shape of a curved elephant trunk. In all forms, a small knob in the form of a hipped roof was usually placed at the centre of the cover. The decoration of the fangyi included motifs characteristic of the Shang and Zhou periods, especially a series of taotie, or monster masks, placed within segmented fields along the corners and through the flat sides of the vessel. Sometimes two fangyi were connected to form one oufangyi (“twin fangyi”). Very few fangyi were produced after the late Zhou dynasty.

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