electron paramagnetic resonance

electron paramagnetic resonance

also called  electron-spin resonance (ESR) 

      selective absorption of weak radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (in the microwave region) by unpaired electrons in the atomic structure of certain materials that simultaneously are subjected to a constant, strong magnetic field. The unpaired electrons, because of their spin, behave like tiny magnets. When materials containing such electrons are subjected to a strong stationary magnetic field, the magnetic axes of the unpaired electrons, or elementary magnets, partially align themselves with the strong external field, and they precess in the field much as the axes of spinning tops often trace cone-shaped surfaces as they precess in the gravitational field of the Earth. resonance is the absorption of energy from the weak alternating magnetic field of the microwave when its frequency corresponds to the natural frequency of precession of the elementary magnets. When either the microwave frequency or the stationary field strength is varied and the other is kept fixed, the measurement of radiation absorbed as a function of the changing variable gives an electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum. Such a spectrum, typically a graph of microwave energy absorption versus applied stationary magnetic field, is used to identify paramagnetic substances and to investigate the nature of chemical bonds within molecules by identifying unpaired electrons and their interaction with the immediate surroundings.

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