Eight, Group of

Eight, Group of

formerly  Group of 7 (G7) 
 intergovernmental organization that originated in 1975 through informal summit meetings of the leaders of the world's leading industrialized countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, West Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan). Canada did not attend the initial meeting in 1975, and the president of the European Commission joined the discussions in 1977. Beginning in 1994, Russia joined the discussions, and the group became known as the Group of 8 (G8), or the “Political Eight”; Russia officially became the eighth member in 1997. The Group of 7 (G7) still functions when the agenda is limited to economic and financial issues.

 With no formal charter, a limited bureaucratic structure, and no permanent secretariat, leaders of the G7 discuss major economic issues in an informal setting. The agenda has changed depending on international circumstances—e.g., the oil crises in the 1970s, global environmental issues in the 1980s, economic transition in the formerly communist countries and debt and financial instability in the 1990s, and the special problems facing Africa in the early 21st century. When noneconomic issues such as terrorism, drug trafficking, human rights, regional security, and arms control dominate the discussions, the G8 is convened.

      Prior to the annual summits, the leaders' personal representatives (known as “sherpas”—ambassadors, secretaries in foreign offices, or other diplomatic advisers) provide the groundwork for discussions, and follow-up ministerial meetings give specificity to the decisions taken and offer substantive guidance on pertinent issues to the United Nations General Assembly sessions and to International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings. The G8 meetings, the sites of which are rotated among member states, permit valuable personal relationships to develop. Leaders are better able to establish priorities, give guidance to international organizations (international organization), and reach collective decisions. Since the late 1990s the annual meetings have attracted intense international media attention and antiglobalization (globalization, cultural) demonstrations.

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