cupola furnace

cupola furnace

      in steelmaking, a vertical cylindrical furnace used for melting iron either for casting or for charging in other furnaces.

      René-Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur built the first cupola furnace on record, in France, about 1720. Cupola melting is still recognized as the most economical melting process; most gray iron is melted by this method.

      Similar to the blast furnace, the cupola is a refractory-lined steel stack 20 to 35 feet (6 to 11 metres) high, resting on a cast-iron base plate with four steel legs. The bottom of the cupola furnace has two hinged doors supported in the closed position by a centre prop. Molding sand is rammed over the closed bottom doors to support the coke bed, molten metal, and succeeding charges. Forced air for combustion enters the cupola through the openings (tuyeres) spaced around the rim of the lower portion of the cupola.

      Iron, coke, and limestone flux are placed on a bed of coke high enough to hold the iron above the tuyere openings, where the temperature is the highest. The melting is continuous, and molten metal may be allowed to flow continuously through an open tapping spout at the base of the cupola, or it may be tapped intermittently. Intermittent tapping is accomplished by piercing a clay bott, or plug, in the tapping spout with a pointed steel rod to create a passageway called the breast of the cupola. The tapping spout is stopped by plugging with a fresh clay bott. Wastes flow out in the form of slag when the slag spout is tapped. At the end of the operation, the prop is knocked from under the bottom doors and the remaining contents discharged.

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