Cook, George Cram

Cook, George Cram

▪ American writer
born Oct. 7, 1873, Davenport, Iowa, U.S.
died Jan. 14, 1924, Delphi, Greece

      novelist, poet, and playwright who, with his wife, Susan Glaspell (Glaspell, Susan) (q.v.), established the Provincetown Players in 1915, which gave a forward thrust to the U.S. theatre.

      After completing his B.A. degree at Harvard in 1893, he studied at Heidelberg in 1894 and the Université de Genève the following year. He then taught English literature at the University of Iowa (1895–99) and at Stanford University, Stanford, Calif. (1902). Cook left the academic world to support his literary work as a small farmer, living in the gardener's cottage of his family's estate in Davenport. The influence of Friedrich Nietzsche is reflected in his first novel, Roderick Taliaferro (1903), a historical romance set in the Mexico of Emperor Maximilian. One of his hired workers, Floyd Dell (Dell, Floyd), who later became a novelist, converted him to Socialism (Cook appears as Tom Alden in Dell's Moon-Calf, 1920). Cook's novel The Chasm (1911) explores the conflict experienced by an American girl in Russia and the United States between Nietzschean aristocratic individualism and Socialist ideas, with the latter winning.

      Cook worked with Dell as associate literary editor of the Chicago Evening Post and in 1913 married the novelist and playwright Susan Glaspell (Glaspell, Susan), also from Davenport. While summering at Provincetown, Mass., they launched the Provincetown Players in a former fish warehouse, initially to perform their jointly written one-act play Suppressed Desires (1915, published 1920), a satire on psychoanalysis. Cook continued with the group in New York City's Greenwich Village as the Playwrights' Theatre, performing native U.S. plays. Despite the success of their venture, Cook was dissatisfied with cultural life in the United States and in 1921 moved to Greece, where for three years he lived among the rural people. His poems Greek Coins appeared in 1925, and his play The Athenian Women was published the next year in Athens.

Additional Reading
Robert Károly Sarlós, Jig Cook and the Provincetown Players: Theatre in Ferment (1982).

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