Codona Family

Codona Family

▪ circus actors
 a circus trapeze family that became famous in the Ringling Brothers Circus.

      In the 1890s the Codona family owned and operated a small circus in southern Mexico. Alfredo Codona (1893–1937), who would become the most noted member of the family, began appearing in the circus at 7 1/2 months when his father, Edward, a flyer, balanced him on his hand for the opening act. In 1917, after four years with the Wirth Brothers Circus in Australia, the Codonas joined the Siegrist-Silbon Troupe of flyers, performing in the Ringling Brothers Circus. After Edward retired, the Three Codonas act began with Alfredo and his sister, Victoria, as flyers and their brother, Lalo, as the catcher. After Victoria quit, she was replaced by Vera Bruce.

      Because of his exceptional grace and daring, Alfredo soon became a Ringling star. He was the first performer to master the triple aerial somersault and the first to discover that the slope of the ground altered the arc of trapeze swings and thus affected the timing of the act. In 1928 Alfredo married Lillian Leitzel (1893–1931), an aerialist whose act involved performing as many as 249, but usually 150, swing overs while suspended by a rope looped around her right wrist. Leitzel fell when part of her rigging broke, and she died of injuries two days later. After a time, Alfredo returned to flying and married Vera Bruce; however, he had become reckless and tore his shoulder ligaments in a fall that ended his career. In 1937, when Vera Bruce sued for divorce, Alfredo shot and killed her and himself. His brother, Lalo, had continued the act with flyers Clayton Behee and Rose Sullivan until torn muscles forced his retirement.

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