any of the 190 species belonging to the songbird family Turdidae (order Passeriformes) that are generally smaller and have slenderer legs and more colourful plumage than true, or typical, thrushes. Chat-thrushes are sometimes treated as a distinct subfamily, Saxicolinae. They are found almost worldwide but are most common in the tropics, especially in Africa. Wing- and tail-flicking is common in this group, and a number of species behave like flycatchers (Muscicapidae) or warblers (Sylviidae). Many skulk in undergrowth, but some like open country or gardens. Chat-thrushes are named for the harsh, chattering notes characteristic of many of the species, and they sing less impressively than true thrushes. Their nesting habits are fairly diverse: most build open nests, but a few occupy cavities. Most have comparatively large clutches of five or six eggs.

      Among the chat-thrush group are the bluebird; bluethroat; forktail; magpie-robin; nightingale; redstart; robin; thrush; warbler; and wheatear (qq.v.).

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