Charonton, Enguerrand

Charonton, Enguerrand

▪ French painter
Charonton also spelled  Charrenton, or Quarton  
born c. 1410, Laon, France; fl. 1444–66, Provence
 French religious painter of the late Gothic period, famous for his “Coronation of the Virgin.”

      Charonton is one of the best-documented French medieval artists, and details exist of six commissions for important paintings, two of which have survived: the “Virgin of Mercy” (1452; Musée Condé, Chantilly), an altarpiece, the predella of which, painted in collaboration with Pierre Villate, is missing; and the hierarchic “Coronation of the Virgin” (1453–54; Hospice de Villeneuve-lès-Avignon). The contract for the latter is one of the most complete and interesting documents on medieval art, showing that the composition was minutely prescribed. Both paintings reveal an original style, mingling an affinity for such northern works as the tapestries of Arras, Picard sculpture, and Flemish painting with the sharp, sculptural stylization of figures, folds, and rocks typical of the art of Provence. The famous “Avignon Pietà” (shortly before 1457?; now in the Louvre, Paris) exhibits a similar style and has been attributed to him.

      Charonton is full of imagination, creating original types of Virgin and saints; his drawing is precise and graceful, his composition majestic and rich. Like his contemporary Jean Fouquet, he combines the grandeur of monumental decoration with the subtlety of book illumination.

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