carpet moss

carpet moss

      any of the plants of the genus Hypnum (subclass Bryidae), which form dense green mats in many habitats throughout the world, especially on decaying wood in moist areas. A few species are aquatic. Of the 80 species of Hypnum, about 20 occur in North America. The feather moss, or plume moss, formerly H. crista-castrensis, is now considered to be a member of the genus Ptilium.

      The male and female reproductive organs of some species of carpet mosses are borne on separate plants, and the cylindrical, curved capsules (spore cases) have beaked lids. The bright green H. haldanianum has straight, spreading phyllids (leaves); those of H. cupressiforme, common in Europe and rare but widely distributed in North America, are curved. The “ sheet moss” used by florists is usually a golden-green species, H. curvifolium. Carpet moss has been used to stuff bedding; it was once believed to induce sleep.

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