Caroní River

Caroní River

Spanish  Río Caroní  

      river in Bolívar estado (state), southeastern Venezuela. Its headwaters flow from the slopes of Mount Roraima in the Sierra Pacaraima, where Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana meet.

      The Caroní flows generally northward across the Guiana Highlands, covering much of southeastern Venezuela and emptying into the Orinoco River at San Félix, in the Ciudad Guayana area. It has a length of 430 miles (690 km). Although rapids hinder navigation near its mouth, the lower course of the river is navigable by launch. The spectacular Angel Falls, highest in the world (3,212 feet [979 m]), are on a headstream of the Caroní. The river's great hydroelectric potential has been harnessed at Macagua and Guri dams.

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