Cao Zhi

Cao Zhi

▪ Chinese poet
Wade-Giles romanization  Ts'ao Chih , courtesy name (zi)  Zijian , also called  Cao Zijian  or  Chensiwang (Chinese: “Prince Si of Chen”) 
born 192, China
died 232, Chenjun [now Huaiyang, Henan province]

      one of China's greatest lyric poets and the son of the famous general Cao Cao.

      Cao Zhi was born at the time his father was assuming command over the northern third of China, later known as the Wei kingdom. In a family of poets—the verses of Cao Cao and Cao Pi (Cao Zhi's older brother and bitter rival) were also widely known—Cao Zhi's talents quickly surpassed those of his father and brother. Indeed, Cao Cao was so impressed with the poetic skill that Cao Zhi displayed from his earliest years that he once considered making him crown prince instead of Cao Pi. Added to Cao Pi's resentment of Cao Zhi was the fact that as an adolescent Cao Zhi had fallen in love with the Lady Zhen, the woman who later became the consort of his elder brother. Thus, when Cao Pi ascended the throne as Wendi of Wei in 220, he took pains to make his younger brother's life as difficult as possible.

      Cao Zhi's resulting frustration and misery is the subject of much of his poetry. Writing in the then-standard five-word line, Cao Zhi extended and strengthened its use to make it a flexible and yet precise vehicle for the expression of his wide-ranging emotions.

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