Butor, Michel

Butor, Michel

▪ French author
in full  Michel-Marie-François Butor  
born Sept. 14, 1926, Mons-en-Baroeul, France

      French novelist and essayist, one of the leading exponents of the nouveau roman (New Novel) (“new novel”), the avant-garde French novel that emerged in the 1950s.

      Butor studied philosophy at the Sorbonne and from 1951 to 1953 was a lecturer at the University of Manchester. He was subsequently a teacher in Thessaloníki, Greece (1954–55), Geneva, Switz. (1956–57 and 1975–91), and numerous other cities in the United States and France. After an early experimental novel, Passage de Milan (1954; “Milan Passage”), Butor won critical acclaim with L'Emploi du temps (1956; Passing Time), a complex evocation of his gloomy season in Manchester. With his third novel, La Modification (1957; Second Thoughts, or A Change of Heart), Butor perfected his experimental technique and was considered to have arrived at his full powers. The work won the Prix Renaudot.

      Butor, who regarded the novel as a blend of philosophy and poetry, owed much in his fiction to the influence of James Joyce. A feature common to all his novels is a rigid structure. Passage de Milan takes place in a single day in a tenement building, and in La Modification the setting is a journey in a compartment of the Paris-Rome express. Degrés (1960; Degrees), his fourth novel, imposes on the action the rigid pattern of a college timetable.

      His subsequent fiction includes Portrait de l'artiste en jeune singe (1967; Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ape), Intervalle (1973), and Explorations (1981; with verse). Outstanding among his nonfiction works are Mobile (1962; Eng. trans. Mobile), a prose-rhapsody aiming to capture the spirit of the United States, and Description de San Marco (1963; Description of San Marco). He also published several collections of poetry and critical essays, including Répertoire, 5 vol. (1960–82), Improvisations sur Flaubert (1984), L'Utilité poétique (1995), and Octogénaire (2006). Other works include the novel Boomerang (1978) and the long essay Improvisations sur Rimbaud (1989).

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