Blandiana, Ana

Blandiana, Ana

▪ Romanian author
pseudonym of  Otilia Valeria Coman Rusan  
born March 25, 1942, Timișoara, Rom.

      Romanian lyric poet, essayist, and translator, considered one of her generation's most significant literary voices. An apolitical writer, she was precipitated by events into taking a political role.

      Blandiana graduated in philology from the University of Cluj (1967). She edited poetry journals and, from 1975, was librarian at the Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest. A freelance writer and poet, she was a columnist for the literary journals Contemporanul (1968–73) and România literǎ. Because of her dissident poetry, her work was banned from all Romanian publications in the mid-1980s. Blandiana participated in the successful December 1989 uprising against Nicolae Ceaușescu's regime. Elected to the newly organized Council of the National Salvation Front, she resigned after it was found to be neocommunist in philosophy.

      Blandiana's admired first collection, Persoana ǐntǐia plural (1964; “First-Person Plural”), deals joyfully with subjective emotion. Her poetic concerns ranged from the existential, spiritual, and sensual to sociophilosophical comments on women's issues. Through metaphoric use of nature and the seasons, she sought a spiritual connection to the natural world's life cycles in such collections as A treia tainǎ (1969; “The Third Sacrament”) and Somnul din somn (1977; “The Sleep Within the Sleep”). Her poetry from the 1980s is more sombre and less optimistic, as in the collection Stea de pradǎ (1985; “Star of Prey”). The Hour of Sand: Selected Poems 1969–1989 was published in 1990. In addition to the poetry for which she is best known, she published several novels and volumes of political and social criticism.

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