Blanchet Family

Blanchet Family

▪ French family
      family of French instrument makers, settled in Paris. François-Étienne Blanchet (François the Elder; b. c. 1700, Paris, France—d. 1761, Paris) was one of the finest harpsichord builders of the Baroque era (c. 1600–1750).

      Nicolas Blanchet (b. c. 1660, Rheims, France—d. 1731, Paris) was the first of the line of instrument makers of the Blanchet family; after 1722 Nicolas and his son François the Elder worked as partners, producing instruments based largely on models of the Ruckers family, the great Flemish harpsichord makers. François's son, François the Younger (b. c. 1730, Paris, France—d. 1766, Paris), succeeded his father. He died at an early age, leaving a widow who later married Pascal Taskin the Elder (b. 1723, Theux, France—d. 1793, Paris), another excellent builder, who continued the family business.

      A number of inventories of the Blanchet concern are extant, providing valuable information about the technique of French harpsichord building. A large part of their business was devoted to rebuilding and enlarging earlier instruments, particularly those of the Ruckers. In addition, the Blanchets and Taskins made important improvements in harpsichord construction, so that their workshop flourished. The great-grandson of François the Elder, Nicolas Blanchet, engaged in making pianos to accommodate the demand of the 19th century; he was succeeded in 1855 by his son P.-A.-C. Blanchet. The harpsichord revival of the mid-20th century saw Blanchet and Taskin instruments used as models for new instruments made by leading builders catering to a demand for authenticity and superior tone quality.

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