Binnya Dala

Binnya Dala

▪ king of Pegu

died 1774

      last king (reigned 1747–57) of Pegu in southern Myanmar (Burma), whose independence from the northern Burmans was revived briefly between 1740 and 1757.

      In 1747 Binnya Dala succeeded Smim Htaw Buddhaketi, who had seven years earlier been set up as king of the Mon in the new capital of Pegu after their successful revolt against the Burmans. Binnya Dala, who was his predecessor's chief minister and a more capable military leader, made numerous raids into northern Myanmar, penetrating beyond Ava, the capital. In 1751 he raised a large army for the conquest of northern Myanmar, capturing Ava in April 1752. Two years later he executed the last king of the Toungoo dynasty, which had been founded in 1486.

      Binnya Dala was eventually deposed by Alaungpaya, the founder of the Burman Alaungpaya dynasty, who captured Pegu in 1757. He was kept captive and was executed by Alaungpaya's son, Hsinbyushin, in 1774.

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