Bian Zhilin

Bian Zhilin

▪ Chinese poet and translator
Wade-Giles romanization  Pien Chih-lin 
born Dec. 8, 1910, Haimen, Kiangsu province, China
died Dec. 2, 2000, Beijing

      Chinese poet and translator especially noted for his highly evocative poetry.

      Bian left home to attend the university in Beijing in the early 1930s. There he met Western-educated poets Xu Zhimo and Wen Yiduo and became familiar with such poets as T.S. Eliot (Eliot, T.S.) and the French Symbolists (Symbolist movement). Bian's first volume of poetry, Sanqiu cao (1933; “Leaves of Three Autumns”), contains verses filled with the melancholy and despair then prevalent among Chinese youth. His second work, titled Yumuji (1935; “Fish Eyes Collection”), is divided into five sections, mostly by order of composition. Hanyuanji (1936; “The Han Garden Collection”), which Bian compiled, also contains the work of He Qifang and Li Guangtian. His own contribution, once again in five parts, consists of 34 poems, many of which are included in later anthologies. Shinian shicao (1942; “Poems of a Decade”) is an edition intended to represent the author's best work. It includes verse from the three earlier volumes, a section of poems that had not been published in book form, and a group of works originally published in 1940 as Weilao xinji (“Letters of Comfort”). He published little original poetry thereafter, concentrating instead on translations, notably a verse translation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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