also spelled  Baraitha (Hebrew: “Outside Teaching,” or “Exclusion”),  plural  Baraitot, Baraitoth, or Baraithoth,  

      any of the ancient oral traditions of Jewish religious law that were not included in the Mishna (the first authoritative codification of such laws). The Baraitot that are found dispersed singly throughout the Palestinian and Babylonian Talmuds are often recognizable by such introductory words as “it was taught” or “the rabbi taught.” Other Baraitot are found in independent collections, the best known of which is called Tosefta; (Tosefta) in form and content it parallels the Mishna. Halakhic Midrashim (interpretations and commentaries on Oral Law) are another source of Baraitot. Since the Mishna was selective and concisely phrased, Baraitot preserved oral traditions of Jewish law that might otherwise have been lost.

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