bar Sauma, Rabban

bar Sauma, Rabban

▪ Mongol envoy
born c. 1220, Zhongdu [now Beijing], China
died January 1294, Baghdad, Iraq

       Nestorian Christian ecclesiastic, whose important but little-known travels in western Europe as an envoy of the Mongols provide a counterpart to those of his contemporary, the Venetian Marco Polo, in Asia.

      Born into a wealthy Christian family living in Zhongdu and descended from the nomadic Uighurs of Turkistan, bar Sauma became a Nestorian monk at age 23, gaining fame as an ascetic and teacher. With his disciple Marcus he attempted a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, passing through Gansu and Khotan (Hotan) in western China, Khorāsān in Iran, and Azerbaijan before reaching Baghdad, the residence of the catholicos, or head, of the Nestorian church. Unable to reach Jerusalem because of local fighting, he stayed some time in Nestorian monasteries in Armenia before being called back to Baghdad by the catholicos to head a mission to Abagha, the Mongol Il-khan (“regional khan”) of Iran. Later he was appointed visitor general of the Nestorian congregations of the East, a post similar to that of archdeacon.

      In 1287 bar Sauma was sent on a mission to the Christian monarchs of western Europe by Abagha's son Arghūn, a religious eclectic and Christian sympathizer who hoped to persuade the Christian kings to join him in expelling the Muslims from the Holy Land. Traveling to Constantinople, bar Sauma was received hospitably by the Byzantine emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus, but on reaching Rome he learned that Pope Honorius IV had just died. He was interviewed by the Sacred College of Cardinals, who, less interested in his mission than in his theological tenets, asked him to recite the Nestorian creed. Reluctant to do so, as Nestorianism was considered a heresy in the West, he left Rome and traveled to Paris, staying a month at the court of King Philip IV, and to Bordeaux, where he met Edward I of England. Neither monarch was willing to commit to an alliance with Arghūn.

      Leaving France, bar Sauma passed back through Rome and met the newly elected pope, Nicholas IV, before returning to Iran. Later he was appointed chaplain to the Il-khan's court and still later retired to Marāgheh in Azerbaijan to found a church. A perceptive traveler, he kept a diary in Persian that presents an outsider's view of medieval Europe. An English translation is included in Sir E.A. Wallis Budge's The Monks of Kûblâi Khân (1928; reissued as The Monks of Kublai Khan, 2003).

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