Bahonar, Mohammad Javad

Bahonar, Mohammad Javad

▪ prime minister of Iran
also spelled  Muḥammad Javād Bāhunar  
born 1933, Kermān, Iran
died August 30, 1981, Tehrān

      Iranian politician who was prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1981. In office for less than a month, he was killed by antigovernment forces.

      Bahonar studied in the Shīʿite holy city of Qom, where he was a student of noted cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (Khomeini, Ruhollah), and later taught religion at the University of Tehrān. Bahonar was a vocal critic of the monarchy of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and his involvement in anti-shah activities led to his imprisonment in 1964 and 1975. During Khomeini's lengthy exile in Iraq and France, Bahonar remained a devoted follower of the religious leader.

      After the shah was overthrown in the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Bahonar helped draft a new constitution and served as a founding member of the Islamic Republican Party (IRP), which supported Khomeini and sought to advance Islamic principles and culture. In March 1981 he was appointed minister of education and carried on the work started by Mohammad Ali Rajaʾi (Rajaʾi, Mohammad Ali) in purging Iranian universities of Western cultural influences. In June 1981 he succeeded Ayatollah Mohammad Hosayn Beheshti (Beheshti, Mohammad Hosayn)—who had been killed by antigovernment forces—as leader of the IRP, and the following month was appointed prime minister by Rajaʾi, now president of Iran. Bahonar entered office on August 4, 1981, and was in the midst of trying to restore stability to the country in the face of mounting violence when he, Rajaʾi, and a number of other officials were killed in a bomb blast purportedly set by the Mojāhedīn-e Khalq (Persian: “People's Fighters”), an antigovernment group.

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