Alexius II Comnenus

Alexius II Comnenus

▪ Byzantine emperor
also spelled  Alexios II Komnenos 
born , 1169
died c. September 1183, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire [now Istanbul, Turkey]

      Byzantine emperor from 1180 to 1183. Alexius was the son of Manuel I Comnenus and Maria, daughter of Raymond, prince of Antioch. When his father died on September 24, 1180, Alexius became emperor at the age of 11, with his mother as regent. She, in turn, entrusted the government to her favourite, Manuel's unpopular and incapable nephew Alexius. Because Maria was Latin, she was widely opposed, but plotters, who included Alexius II's sister Maria and her husband, Renier of Montferrat, failed to overthrow the regency. Andronicus I Comnenus, Manuel's cousin, eventually succeeded in deposing the regency; he advanced through Asia Minor and was waiting at Chalcedon when anti-Latin riots broke out in the capital (May 1182). The regent Alexius was captured and blinded, and Andronicus entered the capital as the protector of Alexius II. He promptly had his opponents executed, including the dowager empress Maria, whose death warrant her son Alexius had to sign. Crowned coemperor in September 1183, Andronicus subsequently had Alexius strangled.

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