Ak Koyunlu

Ak Koyunlu

▪ Turkmen tribal federation
also spelled  Aq Qoyunlu (Turkish: “White Sheep”) 

      Turkmen tribal federation that ruled northern Iraq, Azerbaijan, and eastern Anatolia from AD 1378 to 1508.

      The Ak Koyunlu were present in eastern Anatolia at least from 1340, according to Byzantine chronicles, and most Ak Koyunlu leaders, including the founder of the dynasty, Kara Osman (reigned 1378–1435), married Byzantine princesses.

      In 1402 Kara Osman was granted all of Diyār Bakr in northern Iraq by the Turkic ruler Timur. The strong presence of the Kara Koyunlu (q.v.; “Black Sheep”), a rival Turkmen federation, in western Iran and Azerbaijan temporarily checked any expansion, but the rule of Uzun Ḥasan (1452–78) brought the Ak Koyunlu to fresh prominence. With the defeat of Jihān Shāh, the Kara Koyunlu leader, in 1467 and the defeat of Abū Saʿīd, the Timurid, in 1468, Uzun Ḥasan was able to take Baghdad, the Persian Gulf, and Iran as far east as Khorāsān. The Ottoman Turks were simultaneously (1466–68) moving eastward in Anatolia, threatening Ak Koyunlu domains and forcing Uzun Ḥasan into an alliance with the Qaramānids of central Anatolia. In 1464 the Ak Koyunlu had already turned to the Venetians, enemies of the Ottomans, in an attempt to stave off the inevitable Ottoman attack. Despite promises of military aid, the Venetian arms never were provided, and Uzun Ḥasan was defeated by the Ottomans in Tercan (modern Mamahatun) in 1473.

      Yaʿqūb (reigned 1478–90) sustained the dynasty a while longer, but after his death the Ak Koyunlu were torn apart by internal strife and ceased to be a threat to their more powerful neighbours. The Ṣafavids of Iran, members of the Shīʿite sect of Islām, were already undermining the allegiance of some of the Ak Koyunlu, predominantly of the Sunnite sect. The two powers met in battle near Nakhichevan in 1501–02, and the Ak Koyunlu Alwand was defeated by Esmāʿīl I. In his retreat from the Ṣafavid armies, Alwand in his turn destroyed an autonomous Ak Koyunlu state in Mardin, Diyār Bakr (1503). The last Ak Koyunlu ruler, Murād, who had been contending for power with his brothers Alwand and Muḥammad since 1497, was also defeated by Esmāʿīl (1503). Murād established himself briefly in Baghdad (until 1508); but, with his retreat to Diyār Bakr, the dynasty ended.

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