Pramoj, Kukrit

Pramoj, Kukrit
▪ 1996

      Thai politician, writer, and actor (b. April 20, 1911, Phitsanulok, Thailand—d. Oct. 9, 1995, Bangkok, Thailand), saw life imitate art when he became prime minister of Thailand several years after portraying the leader of a fictitious Southeast Asian country in the Marlon Brando film The Ugly American (1963). The son of a prince, Kukrit had the title Mom Rajawong. He was educated in Thailand and England and graduated from Queen's College, Oxford, with a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics. When he returned to Thailand, he worked in the Finance Ministry and the central bank. He also began writing stories and poems. Kukrit served (1946-47) in the parliament and then, during a period of military rule (1947-73), focused mainly on promoting and preserving Thai culture. He also founded (1950) the newspaper Siam Rath and used it to attack the regime. When a student uprising overthrew the regime, Kukrit returned to politics. He helped create a new constitution and formed the Social Action Party. His brother Seni was named prime minister, but the government failed, and in 1975 Kukrit gained the office. To maintain Thailand's independence and prevent it from falling under communism, as was happening in neighbouring countries, he established diplomatic relations with China and arranged the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Thai bases from which much of the Vietnam War had been mounted. An unpopular proposal for raising the price of rice in Bangkok led to the downfall of his government in 1976. Even after the military regained power, Kukrit continued to speak his mind, and he enjoyed the role of elder statesman. A number of his books were considered modern classics in his country.

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