Khalifah, Sheikh Isa ibn Sulman al-

Khalifah, Sheikh Isa ibn Sulman al-
▪ 2000

      Bahraini chief of state (b. June 3, 1933, Manama, Bahrain—d. March 6, 1999, Manama), served as leader of his country for 37 years, including 27 as emir, a title he received when Bahrain became independent in 1971. He guided the country through a series of economic and political difficulties and helped it become a progressive, prosperous nation and an important Western ally. Sheikh Isa was educated by private tutors and in 1958 was named crown prince. Upon the death of his father, Sheikh Sulman ibn Hamad al-Khalifah, in 1961, he became ruler. In the 1930s Bahrain had been the first Persian Gulf state to discover oil, but its reserves were small, and production dwindled. Sheikh Isa guided a transformation and diversification of the economy and was instrumental in building Bahrain's banking industry into a regional financial hub. Such other industries as mining, shipbuilding, iron and steel production, and aluminum smelting were developed, and education was emphasized. Sheikh Isa considered that his greatest contribution to Bahrain's economic strength was a 26-km (16-mi) causeway that opened in 1986 and linked the country with Saudi Arabia. In 1972 Sheikh Isa attempted to introduce Western-style democracy through a new constitution. Elections to a national assembly were held the following year, but his dissatisfaction with the assembly's actions caused him to dissolve it in 1975. Sporadic unrest occurred over the next several years, with demands made for a return to an elected assembly, and from 1994 Sheikh Isa was faced with increasing unrest and demands for reform.

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