Drnovsek, Janez

Drnovsek, Janez
▪ 2009

      Slovenian politician

born May 17, 1950, Celje, Yugos. [now in Slovenia]

died Feb. 23, 2008, Zaplana, Slvn.
helped lead Slovenia to a relatively peaceful independence from Yugoslavia and, as the new country's prime minister (May 14, 1992–May 3, 2000, and Nov. 17, 2000–Dec. 11, 2002) and president (2002–07), led it to membership in NATO and the European Union. In 1989 Slovenia for the first time held a regional plebiscite to choose its president; Drnovsek defeated the Communist Party's preferred candidate and became Slovenia's representative to the collective presidency just as the head position rotated to Slovenia. (From 1980 Yugoslavia was ruled by a collective presidency of regional representatives, with the top position rotating.) After Slovenia became independent in 1991, he was elected its second prime minister. He followed a program of gradual liberalization. During his presidency Drnovsek, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer, transformed himself into something of a New Age guru, pursuing quixotic peace initiatives and publishing several books on finding inner balance. These activities exasperated the country's government but endeared him to the people.

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