Wilson, Colin (Henry)

Wilson, Colin (Henry)
born June 26, 1931, Leicester, Leicestershire, Eng.

British writer.

Born into a working-class family, he initially thought of a career in science, then gravitated toward writing. At age 24 he published The Outsider (1957), a study of 20th-century alienation that had phenomenal success. His next book was dismissed as unoriginal or superficial, but Ritual in the Dark (1960) and Adrift in Soho (1961) helped repair his reputation. Many of his more than 70 books deal with the psychology of crime, the occult, human sexuality, and his own existential philosophy. Alien Dawn (1998) discusses the UFO phenomenon.

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▪ English author
born June 26, 1931, Leicester, Leicestershire, Eng.

      English novelist and writer on philosophy, sociology, music, literature, and the occult.

      Wilson left school at age 16. He subsequently worked as a laboratory assistant, civil servant, labourer, dishwasher, and factory worker. For a short while, until discharged on medical grounds, he served in the Royal Air Force (1949–50). He lived in Paris and Strasbourg (1950–51) and was working in a coffee bar while he wrote his first book, The Outsider (1956). The book was a study of alienation as glimpsed through the lives and writings of some of the principal intellectual figures of the 20th century. It was at first acclaimed for its brilliance, and this initial critical response catapulted Wilson to fame at the age of 24, in the process making The Outsider a best-seller.

      By the time Wilson's Religion and the Rebel was published in 1957, however, the literary establishment had changed its opinion of his talent, and the new book was dismissed as unoriginal and superficial. This negative criticism dogged Wilson until his first novel, Ritual in the Dark (1960), was published. When his second novel, Adrift in Soho, appeared in 1961, Wilson was well on his way to repairing his tarnished reputation.

      Many of Wilson's books deal with the psychology of crime, the occult, human sexuality, or Wilson's own original form of Existential philosophy. An extremely prolific author, he wrote more than 50 books by the early 1980s. Among his works are Necessary Doubt (1964), The Mind Parasites (1967), A Casebook of Murder (1970), Starseekers (1980), The Quest for Wilhelm Reich (1981), and Poltergeist! (1981).

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