Ward, Barbara (Mary), Baroness Jackson (of Lodsworth)

Ward, Barbara (Mary), Baroness Jackson (of Lodsworth)
born May 23, 1914, York, Eng.
died May 31, 1981, Lodsworth

British economist and writer.

After studying economics at the University of Oxford, she became a writer and editor at The Economist (from 1939). She married Robert Jackson in 1950. She was an influential adviser to the Vatican, the UN, and the World Bank, and she wrote numerous articles and books on the worldwide threat from poverty among less-developed countries (she advocated the transfer of wealth from rich to poor countries) and the importance of conservation; her books, which reached a wide audience, included The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations (1962), Spaceship Earth (1966), Only One Earth (with René Dubos, 1972), and Progress for a Small Planet (1980).

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